Welcome to Windy Wellington!

So, here we go! A new design for Innate Wanderings and a brand-new goal; this blog is now a single purpose travel blog. I’m going to share my adventures through the blog and create guides on everything to do with what I’ve learn from travelling. From travel essentials to amazing experiences, this adventure is just… Read More

Returning to Brisbane

Brisbane was always one of those ‘what if’ cities for me. I spent two days here on my East Coast adventure last year but it didn’t feel like enough. That said, it’s not the biggest city in the country but I barely scratched the surface last time so it felt like I had unfinished business… Read More

A Trip to Perth

This one’s a little late but due to my laptop needing a new hard drive, that kind of took priority! So, after two awesome weeks in Melbourne, I was set for a 4 and half hour journey to Perth on the west coast. First things first, it’s hot over there! I thought Melbourne was warm… Read More