My story

Innate: inborn; natural.

Wandering: travelling aimlessly from place to place; itinerant.

Innate Wanderings: a natural desire to travel, sometimes aimlessly, from place to place.

I’m Dave, and this is my story.

Help! I'm falling out of a plane!
Help! I’m falling out of a plane!

In 2018, I started a journey that would change my life forever. I’d always liked to travel and see different places, meet new people (and occasionally do some crazy stuff!) but never did I imagine that I’d get to this point – and I have no intention of stopping now, even if the future means I have to change how I go about it.

I set off for Australia, via a few days in Hong Kong, on a year-long adventure. I fully intended on returning back to the UK after that year but I discovered something along the way.

White water rafting in Tully
White water rafting in Tully

I enjoyed the freedom of not being tied down to a place. To have the option of picking up and moving on when the time felt right, or when something caught my attention.

That made things tricky at times. I made friends and found it hard to leave. I landed great jobs I enjoyed and felt comfortable in. I made a life for myself and didn’t want to leave it behind.

But I did, and I can’t tell you if those were the right choices but I can tell you I regret nothing.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m glad you’re here to share in my journey.

Koala Kuddle!
Koala Kuddle!

After all, is the destination more important, or the journey itself?

I might never know, but I’m going to enjoy as much as I can along the way.

The story isn’t ending any time soon, and you can check the blog to find out just where I am and what I’ve been doing.

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