Welcome to Windy Wellington!

So, here we go! A new design for Innate Wanderings and a brand-new goal; this blog is now a single purpose travel blog. I’m going to share my adventures through the blog and create guides on everything to do with what I’ve learn from travelling. From travel essentials to amazing experiences, this adventure is just beginning. I’ll be tinkering around as we go so feel free to share your thoughts as we go.

After all, this is a journey we’re going on together.

To get us started, though, Wellington. I’ve been here about three months now, and while I talked briefly about how things have changed in the post last month, it’s time to go into more detail on this fantastic city itself!

So, without further delay…

A small city full of character

Wellington is something else. Readers, you’ll know how much I loved Melbourne and Wellington is honestly up there with it. The two feel very similar, both in atmosphere, things going on and some of the things you can see.

Wellington from Te Papa
Wellington from Te Papa

There’s some amazing food places and I’m working on getting around as many as I can. Add to that some local beers, markets and events, and there’s always things to keep you going. The people are also incredibly friendly and welcoming. There are always exceptions, true, but for the most part, I’ve been welcomed by everyone. They’ve shared tips and favourite places, told me where to go for local adventures, and some beyond that. I don’t think anywhere I’ve been so far has come close to making me feel so welcome.

Hell, even my team at work went a long way to help me settle in, to the point it’s unheard of back in the UK. That’s probably part of the reason why I don’t want to go back.

At this point, Melbourne probably still edges it due to better music scene, but even though it’s smaller, Wellington has plenty to offer.

Simply stunning

They say New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries you can find. I’m not sure who ‘they’ are but I’ve got to admit, they’re right.

I’ve only seen Wellington and the surrounding area so far but even the city itself is something to behold. Sure, you have the tower buildings reaching to the sky in the CBD but beyond that, this is a place full of quirks.

A view of Wellington from above Oriental Bay
A view of Wellington from above Oriental Bay

I climbed Mount Victoria early on and got some stunning views of the city, the harbour and hills beyond. I’d have to recommend a sunrise or sunset, and if you get a good day, it’ll be breath-taking. I’m planning on a sunset visit (who really expects me to wake up early enough for a sunrise, come on?!) but I haven’t found the right day yet. It’ll come, though.

So much to see and do

There’s plenty of walks within the city, never mind what’s just a short distance away. Take a stroll around Oriental Bay, walk along the waterfront and hop on the cable car up to the botanical gardens – all are great ways to enjoy a sunny day with some beautiful scenery.

There’s more, though! If there’s one thing you do in Wellington, it should be Te Papa. This is a huge museum with different exhibits and a huge amount of information on New Zealand, it’s history, culture, traditions and more. There’s art galleries and short exhibitions, too. The best thing? It’s FREE (other than some of the shorter exhibitions)!

An eagle at Te Papa
An eagle at Te Papa

You can spend time at Wellington Zoo, Zealandia, Weta Workshop, the art gallery and much more – and believe, we’ll discuss those in more detail in the future.

And, of course, the wind

It wouldn’t be a post about Wellington if I didn’t mention the wind.

At times, this is a cool, refreshing break from what can feel like a scorching heat (even if the temperatures are a good bit lower than places in Australia) but at other times, you’ll be fortunate to keep your feet on the ground.

Wellington’s wind, when it kicks up, is a force to be reckoned with – something completely unlike anything I’ve experienced before and I’ve not even seen it at its worst, yet! I’m not saying that it’s the windiest city in the world but, surely, it must be a contender.

I’m going to be spending most of my time here until November so there’ll be a lot more to dive into as the year goes on.

For now, another adventure calls…

What do you think?

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