February 2015’s Competition Update

Hey guys, I’ve come across some new competitions that I think you should take a look at. Remember, if you don’t go for these opportunities then you have no chance to win. Don’t get me wrong, it’s scary sometimes and there’s more chance of failure than success but its character building and you never know if what you have is just what they’re looking for.

Find a friend or trusted writer, show them your work and get some advice before sending anything off. Remember, they’re more likely to find mistakes and issues than you at times. If you’re embarrassed, this is a good way to get around it because you have a goal. If I can win some of these things (even though it was a long time ago!) then so can you.

Let me know if you enter any and good luck!

Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook 2015 Short Story Competition

First off, apologies for the delay on this one – I know there isn’t much time left but you’ve still got just under two weeks to get something in and it’s definitely worth a shot. The prize is fantastic as I’ve heard only great things about Arvon writing courses and, for me, the money is actually secondary for this one.

The theme is ‘joy’ and there’s not much else you have to stick to, giving you the freedom to do whatever you like. As long as ‘joy’ is a key theme then you’ve got something that can be submitted. Remember, your submission can be NO LONGER than 2,000 words and the judges are usually very strict on this – even if you’re one word over then you will most likely be disqualified.

Find out more details on the Writers and Artists website.

Deadline: Midnight on the 15th February 2015.

Prize: £500 and a place on an Arvon writing course and publication on www.writersandartists.co.uk.

Write for BBC Radio

Okay, this one isn’t really a competition but it’s an amazing opportunity from the BBC! Again, apologies for the short deadline but I don’t think anyone can miss this opportunity if you’re serious about making a career as a writer.

BBC Radio 4 are looking for stories between 1,900 and 2,000 words to be recorded and read on radio. There are a few guidelines to follow on this one so head to the link below to find out more. The BBC, as you can imagine, are ridiculously strict so follow their guidelines to the letter. In fact, consider them rules and not guidelines.

Find out more details on the BBC website.

Deadline: Friday the 13th February 2015.

Prize: Three successful writers will have their stories broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and be invited to see them being recorded.

The Bridport Prize

The Bridport Prize is one of the bigger writing competitions I’ve found in the UK that runs every year. There are categories for short stories, poems and flash fictions as well as many more. This is one you should have marked on your calendar every year – and I’ve given you plenty of notice so no excuses.

Again, check the website to find out more about the rules and submission guidelines but it’s worth getting your ideas ready early – there’s going to be heavy competition for this one!

Find out more about the Bridport Prize.

Deadline: Sunday the 31st May 2015.

Prize: Various

Got any more?

If you guys know of any more competitions over the next few months, get in touch and I’ll add them here – or make a new post. Help me to help you and other people by keeping an eye out for me.

Once again, good luck to you all.


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