NaNoWriMo – Week Three

Targeted word count – 46,000

Current word count – 0

It’s now three weeks in and I haven’t been able to find the motivation to get on this. I think it’s safe to say I’m a definite failure now but not have anything by this point? That’s got to be my worst effort yet. Still, I have time and if I can get something then this won’t be a complete loss. I was hoping that blogging about would help motivate me but just too much has been going on. Still, there’s always 2015!

Competition update

So, I didn’t hear anything back from the ITV competition – according to their entry rules and terms and such, I would have heard something on the 21st November. I didn’t, so time to move on. It’s always disappointing but as most writers will know, there are going to be far more rejections than successes – unless you are a real prodigy, and even then I’m doubtful.

It’s a shame but it did do one thing for me – it got me to evaluate some projects I’ve been on and off with for years, to really think about them, where they’re going and how much I’ve grown. I had some great support and help in the short space of time and I’m grateful for those who’ve helped me.

I now have two fully formed ideas and plans in my head (and on electronic paper), with both being at various lengths already. They can work, I know that. I’ve just got to keep at them, keep improving them and hope I find an agent/publisher that sees a gap in the market better than I can and take it on. Thankfully, that’s not all I’ve got.

What’s next?

Well, December will see me working on my novella for Salt’s submission. I’ve had some very valuable feedback on that piece already – and I know some areas I need to work on so I’m hoping that it will be as gripping for others as my current proofers. It’s had a positive reaction so far, which is great but what’s better is that they’ve not been afraid to give me feedback and point out mistakes. That’s invaluable for any creative – or any person – who wants to improve, and I really do.

I can’t really give much away yet but keep an eye on this blog to find out more about it in the future. Whatever happens, it will get out there!

I know it might seem strange to look away from NaNoWriMo before it’s over but this project is the sequel to one I did years ago and submitted to the ITV comp. I thought it was time to write it but I think going back to the first one might be better. Anything I get will be useful, no doubt about it.

Time will tell.


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