NaNoWriMo – Week Two

Targeted word count – 32,000

Current word count – 0

So, two weeks in and still at zero. It’s not looking good, is it? Don’t count me out just yet – there are two weekends to go and I’m setting those aside to get some serious writing done on those days. The point of NaNo isn’t quality at this stage, it’s quantity and if I get myself focused, I believe I can still do it (I just might be disappointed at how bad my writing gets).

Recovery time

I spent the first half of this month on my entries for ITV’s competition. I submitted my chosen entry on Thursday night and I’ll find out if I’m selected for the final on Friday 21st November. I’m not getting my hopes up but I believe what I’ve done is good quality and that it has potential – if it didn’t, I wouldn’t be writing it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be disappointed if I hear nothing but I’m aware that there are some fantastic writers out there looking for this chance, just like me, but I still want to win and that’s why I spent so long working on it.

After that, I needed a few days to just let me recharge. My chosen entry is actually the prequel to what my NaNo project is, which is why I feel confident I can get it back on track. I might not hit 50,000 words but anything will be a start (and I think this story will be considerably longer than that word count anyway).

Balancing work and life

Every year I tell myself that my life is on hold for month and every year that turns out to be a lie. I like to get out there and do things – outside of work, I mean, that I can’t escape from – and in a lot of ways, I thrive off social interaction and events. You learn a lot and inspiration can strike anywhere.

So, maybe a more realistic goal is to cut it back a bit, which seems more achievable. It would have worked this year too, if that competition hadn’t appeared. So, regardless of what my final word count is, I can say I’m getting closer to finding that balance between work, play and writing (I’m sure sleep is in there somewhere too, but who has time for that these days?) and that’s a definite bonus.

A shorter post from me this week but let’s hope for some big progress towards next weeks target. Ciao!


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