Preparing for National Novel Writing Month


It’s almost that time again. It’s the one month where I curse myself for choosing to be a writer and basically put my social life on hold for 30 days straight (okay, occasionally I give myself a break but only if I get enough work done).

I am, of course, talking about National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. I spoke about this briefly in a previous post

So, what is it?

My workspace

This will be my home in my home (and away from work) during November. Messy? No! Pretty well organised for me

Basically, the goal is to write 50,000 words of a novel, or as a novel, in November. That’s just under 2,000 words a day. That can be challenging enough in itself – any writer will tell you that some days you can write a stupid amount in a short period of time while others you’re lucky to get ten words down. It’s tricky and consistency is the key to doing this.

It helps to plan out in advance what you want to do but that’s just something I find easier. Others I know just want to let it flow and see where it takes them. The point of this month isn’t to come away with a polished novel you can get published but to get your ideas down on paper (or screen) and then you can edit it later.

I’ve tried it every year since 2007 but I’ve only completed it once. That was 2010 when I was in my second year of uni. Ironic that I could do it then but in the times before that when I had more time, it was harder. Even now, I probably have a better chance of doing it because of my daily work routine. Strange but it’s true.

There are also meet ups and groups you can find where you can get support and encouragement through this crazy month. Do a search, ask around, register on the website and check social media. Trust me, they’re out there.

Me in November

So what does it mean for me? Well, I’ll be working five days a week and writing every night. I’ll spend weekends playing catch-up if I fall behind and getting ahead of myself so I can relax a little at designated break points in the month.

I’ll post one update a week, either on a Friday or a Monday – I’m not sure which yet – which will basically let you know how I’m doing. I’m hoping this will help keep me motivated better than previous years. It will also let you find out how I’m doing and how I’m coping with it. It’s not an easy task on its own so your support would be most appreciated!

As a little bit of background, my novel this year is actually going to be the sequel to the one I wrote in 2010. That, believe it or not, is still in first draft. I’ve not found the right motivation and inspiration to take it further. I’m hoping that by doing the sequel, I’ll have the drive to push both the first one and the second on to bigger, better things.

Clean page

Time to start something new!

Time will tell but I have big plans for this story, these characters and the world it’s set in. I don’t want to say series but, yeah, that’s what I’m hoping.

Want to know more?

Of course you do! You’re just as crazy as I am, right? I mean, that is why you’re reading this blog, after all. You could just Google NaNoWriMo (oh boy, I used Google as a verb – someone help me!) or go here and save yourself that effort.

Should you decide to pass on it, I can’t blame you – and won’t! If, however, you do decide to give it a shot then I wish you the best of luck and do keep in touch to let me know you get on. In theory, it sounds easy but you’ll soon learn it’s anything but.

Then again, if everything we did in life was easy, we’d probably get bored. I know I would. Happy writing.


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