This is a collection of stories from all the places I’ve been to and things I’ve done to this point. I hope you can enjoy it and, maybe, get something valuable from it, too.

I’m going to give you the real stories.

Yes, there will be great things to share with you, but I can tell you that since my travels began in 2018, it hasn’t all been riding that high – there have been some lows, too, and they’re just as important.

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The Christchurch Swing

Christmas in Christchurch

Christmas has never been one of my bigger holidays – and that’s nothing against it, but over the years I’ve just drifted apart from what many people enjoy about it. Christmas while travelling is stranger than you might think, as while we know what it’s supposed to be, often we’re spending it with new friends…

Dolphins swimming in a line

Open water adventures in Kaikoura

I’ve been looking forward to visiting Kaikoura almost since I first arrived and heard about the place, and I can tell you now, it doesn’t disappoint. The town itself is small, but there’s plenty of character to it. You’ll notice some of the damage caused by the earthquake in 2016 on your visit, although most…

Headfirst down a slide

Nelson and canyoning in Abel Tasman

I’m not sure if I’ve just forgotten how tiring it can be travelling from place to place, or if I’m doing more than I usually would to get as much done as I can, or if I’m just getting old, but the last few weeks have really taken it out of me. Maybe it’s a…

Passing over the Franz Josef Glacier via helicopter

Glaciers and buses

From Wanaka, it was time to head north and up the West Coast as my circuit of Aotearoa New Zealand’s South Island truly began. I don’t drive, so this meant buses, and Intercity was the main option. Now, I wanted to keep some flexibility in my plans, but two things hampered this; Christmas and funding.…